Saturday 5 March 2011


A collection of Ivor's small replacement hands made by model maker extraordinaire Emma-Rose Dade

I should have shot these by a coin or something but they measure about 5cm heigh and 1.5 across. Emma worked from my designs of the puppet and used various techniques to create the hands; they're made mostly of latex. The puppet is almost finished... he's just waiting a head. He also has tiny shoes with tiny laces.

Having done a presentation of the film to 2nd years and MA post graduates at Newport Film School I have gathered quite a team to help with model making and other aspects of the film as we push into production now. Sinead Oram, a 2nd year student at Newport, has agreed to help with model making which is fantastic and Mr Lewys Hobden will join us around Easter to support with compositing and navigating those dreadful things called computers...

Emma-Rose working on the hands and the development of the latex tests to finished product

Some rough set designs scrawled on the inside of an envelope

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